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Miya™ team comprises some of the world's most renowned experts, including prominent members of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group. We specialize in tailoring the most effective solutions for some of the world's complex challenges of water efficiency.
Roland Liemberger
Regional Director, Asia

Industry Leadership

Consultant to the World Bank, both for Operations (primarily in Asia) and as specialist trainer for the World Bank Institute and the Asian Development Bank, member of the IWA Water Loss Task Force, Chair of the IWA Task Force on Water Utility Efficiency in Low and Middle Income Countries (LAMIC TF).


Experience in the Water Industry

24 years


Areas of Specialization

NRW analysis and management, design of performance based NRW management contracts, expertise in projects in low and middle income countries.



MSc in Water and Sanitary Engineering, University of Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, (1985).



Roland was involved in several large NRW reduction projects such as the rehabilitation of the water supply system of the Kafr El Sheikh Governorate (Egypt, 1989-1994), the Selangor NRW Reduction Project (Malaysia, 1999-2003), the Ho Chi Minh City NRW Management Project (Vietnam, 2003-2008). Since 1999 Roland has been specializing in the design of performance based NRW reduction contracts.