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Miya’s senior leadership is built on the strong foundation of expertise and foresight, turning our vision into a reality that ensures an abundance of water.
John George Tzovanakis

John George Tzovanakis

John-George Tzovanakis, an independent director and professional manager, is the driving force behind Renaissance Consulting.

For three decades, John-George has served as Managing Director for major market players such as Airbus Industries, EADS Astrium, Alcatel, France Télécom, Telenor AS, 3M, and more, leading their regional desks for Continental Europe, South Europe, and EMEA. He also founded and managed several technology and consulting companies.

John-George holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic School, he is a recipient of the national postgraduate scholarship from Nuclear Technology Lab at Democritus University, and is a Graduate Officer of the Military School of Engineering. He also holds an MBA in Finance (with distinction) from the University of Edinburgh.