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Miya™ team comprises some of the world's most renowned experts, including prominent members of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group. We specialize in tailoring the most effective solutions for some of the world's complex challenges of water efficiency.
Rodrigo Augusti
Operational Director, Miya Brazil

Industry Leadership

Rodrigo is Professional Engineer and member of:

  • CREA – Brazilian Engineering Council
  • ABENDI – Brazilian Association for Non Destructive Test and Inspection.


Experience in the Water Industry

11 years

Areas of Specialization

  • Hydraulics, leak detection
  • Water meter systems
  • Rational use of water
  • Project management



  • Leak Detection Specialist - ABENDI - Brazilian Association for Non Destructive Test and Inspection.
  • Sanitation Engineering Specialist - Faculdade de Saúde Pública da Universidade de São Paulo
  • Civil Engineer - Universidade São Francisco


Rodrigo began his career working in the area of measurements of flow and pressure, and reduction of losses in an autonomous municipal service. Since 2002, as Engineer working at BBL Engenharia, he has been involved in activities such as supervising contracts and technical teams. His main area of expertise is leak detection and water metering. He also coordinates the work of implementing the program of rational use of water in municipal and state schools in São Paulo, with performance based payment. He performs sanitation design as well as optimization of operating for water supply and sewage systems.