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Our Companies


Indaqua is Portugal's largest private water and wastewater company. It serves an area of approximately 1000 square kilometers in the country's north-east, and holds 30% of the market share in terms of population served by private entities.


Headquartered in Matosinhos, Indaqua holds 8 companies in Portugal and two additional ones in Angola, Africa. In Portugal, it operates six municipal concessions that are concentrated in the three districts of Oporto (3), Braga (1), and Aveiro (3). Additionally, Indaqua holds a stake in a municipal water company, and owns Aqualevel, which provides back-office and technical services for all its companies.



BBL Engenharia

BBL Engenharia is a leading engineering firm that specializes in NRW management projects in the Brazilian market, offering comprehensive engineering solutions of operational optimization of water distribution and sewer collection systems.


One of its key clients is SABESP, the water utility of the state of São Paulo, which is the largest water and sanitation company in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world, serving 26 million people. BBL Engenharia has several contracts with SABESP, including the management of SABESP's overall water loss reduction plan and other performance-based water loss reduction contracts.




Miya Jamaica

Miya Jamaica serves as Miya's local office for the its activities in the Jamaica, particularly focused on the 5-year water efficiency project in KSA.


In July 2015, The National Water Commission of Jamaica and Miya, signed a contract for a 5-year co-management water efficiency project estimated at $42M, to maximize efficiency of the KSA water system.

Miya Bahamas

Miya Bahamas serves as Miya's local office for the its activities in the Bahamas, particularly focused on the 10-year water efficiency project in New Providence.


In February 2012, The Water and Sewerage Corporation of The Bahamas awarded Miya a contract for a 10-year comprehensive project, estimated at $83M, to maximize efficiency of the water system of New Providence, the most populated island in the Bahamas.

Miya Philippines

Miya Philippines serves as Miya's regional office for South East Asia. Since 2009, Miya Philippines partnered with Mayniland Water Services, to implement the world's largest water efficiency program, within the Maynilad concession area in the western part of Metro Manila, where amazing results have been achieved (read more...).


Miya Philippines has carried out a number of water audits in the Philippines and Indonesia, and can be considered the country's leading specialist in NRW assessment and the development of NRW management strategies.


During the last years it has become the Philippines' prime contractor for the design and implementation of water utility Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The unique approach of Miya Philippines combines innovative software and IT systems, augmented by satellite imagery and on-the-ground GPS survey and customer census. It is applied in Miya's projects, both in the Philippines and as a model for many other Miya projects worldwide.


Miya Philippines' experienced engineers and specialists are involved in leading roles in Miya projects across the globe, most recently in Tanzania and Jamaica (read more...).


Miya USA

New regional offices focused at managing Miya's activities in the USA.