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Johannesburg PRV Maintenance and Zone Sectorising

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Client:  Johannesburg Water 

Project: PJohannesburg PRV Maintenance and Zone Sectorising 

Location:  Johannesburg, South Africa 

Contract: 2 years (2013-2015)

The project involved the following tasks:
  • Assessment of 764 hydraulic control valves andservicing of 542 of those in the Johannesburg Water system.

  • Logging of Pressures and Flows in each PRV zonebefore and after the servicing of PRVs.

  • Confirming the zones discreteness for 267 PRV zones.

  • Installation of pressure controllers at selected PRVs

  • Preparation of an Operation and Maintenance Manual for each PRV zone. 

  • A web-based database was prepared for the project to manage and store all the information used onthe project. 

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