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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Miya was contracted by DAWASCO, the Dar es Salaam Water Supply Company, to review the NRW situation and prepare a costed NRW management strategy. These activities were complemented by the design and implementation of a NRW pilot project, in which tangible results were achieved.


Project Goal


The objective of the project was to assess the NRW situation in Dar es Salam, prepare an NRW management strategy and demonstrate its feasibility in two pilot areas.


Project Scope

The scope of the project included:

  • Review of existing NRW studies and previous NRW reduction efforts
  • Execution of flow and pressure measurements
  • Establishment of an IWA water balance and calculation of performance indicators
  • Identification of two suitable pilot areas
  • Specification and supply of materials and equipment
  • DMA design and establishment
  • Reduction of physical and commercial losses
  • Results analysis


Finaincial Highlights

In the two pilot DMAs, with a total of 2,500 service connections, amazing financial results have been achieved.

The commercial loss reduction activities will generate additional revenues for DAWASCO of $160K per year, with a potential for further $50K if DAWASCO will continue the interventions after project completion.

Moreover, if all recovered physical losses will be sold to existing or new customers, the additional revenues are estimated at $490K with a potential for additional $130K if leakage reduction activities arr continued.

The results achieved have demonstrated that NRW reduction in Dar es Salam is not only critical and feasible, but that it is also very attractive from a financial point of view.



  • IWA water balance for Dar es Salaam established
  • NRW management strategy designed and implementation options analyzed
  • Financial model prepared
  • Pilot DMAs established and NRW reduction interventions implemented
  • Excellent results achieved in the pilot areas:
    • In only 4 month an impressive list of NRW reduction interventions has been carried out (both DMAs combined)
      • More than 600 leaks detected and repaired
      • About 2km  of pipelines replaced
      • 60 illegal connections detected and action taken
      • More than 400 customer meters replaced
  • The results are impressive
    • Physical losses reduced by about 75% or 2,700 m3/d (from 3,650 m3/d)
    • Commercial losses reduced by 45% or 900 m3/d (from 2,000 m3/d)