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Building a Comprehensive GIS as Basis for Successful NRW Reduction
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines



Cagayan de Oro City Water District (COWD) supplies some 80,000 customers, but faces the challenge of NRW levels exceeding 50%. It approached USAID for support, and in 2015 partnered with Miya to develop and establish a comprehensive GIS, prepare a calibrated hydraulic model, design an NRW management strategy based on a detailed water audit, and help with its implementation.


Project Goal


The objective of the project is to enable COWD to implement a comprehensive NRW management strategy.


Project Scope

The scope of the project includes:


  • Design and implementation of the software and hardware architecture for the GIS and related databases
  • Design and execution of a house-to-house customer census
  • Geo-referencing of all customers
  • GPS survey of the distribution network and all appurtenances
  • Data entry and data verification
  • Preparation of a calibrated hydraulic model
  • Execution of a detailed water audit and a pressure monitoring program
  • Bulk meter accuracy assessment and improvement planning
  • Design and implementation of a customer meter accuracy study
  • Design of a comprehensive NRW management strategy and development of a financial model
  • Preparation of standard operating procedures (SOPs); provision of training
  • Preparation of specifications for works and materials
  • DMA identification and design
  • Support for DMA establishment and the implementation of NRW reduction interventions




Project is still in its early stages, results so far include:

  • GIS established and survey and data collection activities in full progress
  • Hydraulic model established and calibrated
  • Water audit completed and IWA water balance established
  • Bulk and customer meter studies completed
  • SOPs completed
  • NRW management strategy finalized
  • NRW reduction forecasts and financial model prepared
  • Specification of works and materials completed, procurement in progress
  • DMA identification and design in progress