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Articles from Our Experts

NRW System Analysis and Modelling


The major challenge facing water utilities and municipalities is how to handle Non-Revenue Water. These articles will provide you with a broad range of relevant information to assist you in understanding the subject.

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DMA's and Pressure Management


Large distribution networks cannot be managed efficiently without breaking them down into network zones and subzones (DMAs), and giving considerable attention to the subject of pressure management. Pressure management is considered the single most beneficial, important and cost effective leakage management activity. These issues are essential in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the water consumption and water loss within the various parts of the network.


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Active Leakage Control


Invisible leaks account for more than 90% of the total volume of real water losses. Read about how these critical issue are being dealt with.


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Meter Management


Ineffective meter management is often a major cause of lost revenues. These articles provide considerable insight into the the successful handling of this problem.


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Social Intervention


Social intervention programs provide utilities with information about illegal connections, and give them the forum to meet the local population and discuss water services and water quality.


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Water Resource Management


The concept behind water resource management is to improve the effective and efficient use of existing and available water resources in all water sectors (urban and industrial). This section has many enlightening articles on the subject.


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Other Aspects of NRW


Invisible leaks in urban water systems are just one aspect of improving urban water management.  Read about energy management and other aspects of the broad spectrum of issues being contended with today.

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Case Studies


Read about the diverse range of projects that Miya’s companies have successfully completed


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