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Cities worldwide have benefited from Miya's comprehensive solutions and sustainable models.

Successful NRW Reduction Can be Done!

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Miya partnered with DAWASCO, to review NRW and prepare an effective water efficiency management strategy. Miya designed and implemented a pilot project attaining tangible results.


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Pressure Management Ensures Cleaner Water

Sebokeng, South Africa


Designing and commissioning one of the largest advanced pressure management installations in the world that led to waters savings of 50 million m3, the equivalent of US$20 million.

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Comprehensive Efficiency Program Cuts Water Losses and Creates Over 300 Jobs

Emfuleni, South Africa


A comprehensive suite of NRW reduction activities led to savings of 780 million liters of water annually and significant infrastructure upgrades.

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NRW Management Project Saves over 200,000 Cubic Meters of Water Yearly

Rustenburg, South Africa


The project aimed to significantly reduce 40% NRW with a comprehensive strategy focused on sectorization, pressure management and leak detection.

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Community Awareness Program Leads to Repaired Leaks and Better Service

Emfuleni, South Africa


Recruiting and training 50 local residents to spearhead community efforts, 35,074 households were education in water conservation and over 11,000 water and sewerage problems were reported by the community.

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Empowering Local Residents to Improve Water Efficiency

Mogale City, Gauteng, South Africa


Twelve local residents were trained to lead water demand efficiency by learning leak detection, meter reading, logging and control valve maintenance skills and led a community engagement and awareness program.


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Pressure Management Saves Millions of Cubic Meters and Dollars Annually

Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town, South Africa


A pressure management installation saves the city over 9 million m3/year, equivalent to $4 million per year; ROI on this project was achieved in just 3 months.


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Evaluation and Proper Management of Valuable Water Resources

Orange River Basin, South Africa


The Orange River basin provides more than 80% of South Africa's electrical requirements. This project was to ensure proper planning, management and operation of this system.


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Efficiency Management Project Increases Supply Capacity and Improves Infrastructure

Western Highveld, Mpumalanga, South Africa


Comprehensive water efficiency program led to 5 million m3 of water saved annually, increase in bulk supply capacity by 15% and critical infrastructure upgrades. 


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