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Community Awareness Program Leads to Repaired Leaks and Better Service
Emfuleni, South Africa


The Emfuleni Municipality had one of the highest levels of non-revenue water (NRW) in South Africa, around 50%. Despite an overall efficiency project the water utility for the region implemented, NRW levels remained very high due to inefficient use by consumers.


Project Goal

The objective of the Water Loss Reduction Program was to raise awareness among water consumers and reduce consumption to levels that are economically sustainable for the municipality.


Project Scope

The Community Awareness Program employed a multi-pronged approach to curtail water losses.


It consisted of the following components, implemented throughout 43 wards in Emfuleni:


  • Recruiting and training 50 local residents to spearhead community efforts
  • Preparation of education material for public dissemination
  • Door-to-door awareness campaign
  • Weekly community workshops
  • Media Campaign
  • School education program
  • Basic leak repair training


  • Educated 35,704 households
  • Increased reporting of water-related problems by the community
  • Public reporting led to the repair of 11,091 water and sewerage related problems
  • Assessed and repaired leaks in 49 schools
  • Resolution of intermittent supply and pressure problems