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Comprehensive Efficiency Program Cuts Water Losses and Creates Over 300 Jobs
Emfuleni, South Africa


Metsi-a-Lakoa, the Emfuleni water utility, supplies approximately 200 million liters per day (MLD) of water to 226,000 households. About a quarter of these consumers are metered and billed based on actual consumption, while the remaining consumers are billed on a deemed consumption of 20 kL/household/month.


The non-revenue water (NRW) level was about 50%.


Project Goal

The project goals were to significantly reduce water losses and improve the overall efficiency of water services through technical, social, institutional and financial interventions.


Project Scope

Technical -


  • Implementation of network upgrades
  • Resolution of intermittent supply
  • Pressure management
  • Active leakage control
  • Retrofitting of internal plumbing
  • Updating as-built drawings for system

Operational -


  • Oversight of new Water Use Efficiency Unit
  • Development of policy and bylaws for efficiency management

Financial -

  • IWA water balance for entire system
  • Tariff review
  • Metering and billing procedures review

Social -


  • Appointment of 50 local residents to staff the Water Use Efficiency Unit
  • Training Water Use Efficiency Unit in customer care, basic plumbing, leak detection and information billing

Financial Highlights

The project was funded by the Emfuleni Local Municipality and the South Africa Department of Water Affairs. The total value of the project was ZAR 12.5 million (US $1.6 million).



  • 780 million liters of water saved annually
  • Malfunctioning infrastructure underground was located, cleaned and reinstated.
  • Intermittent supply eliminated
  • Over 300 local jobs created - local contractors for construction work, infrastructure cleaning and expedite intervention work
  • Increased water awareness through the Water Use Efficiency Unit