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Empowering Local Residents to Improve Water Efficiency
Mogale City, Gauteng, South Africa


Lack of staff has been a continuous challenge in municipalities throughout South Africa and a significant contributor to poor service delivery.


To improve its serves, the Department of Water Affairs Gauteng Region and the Mogale City Municipality decided to establish a Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Management department within the municipality.


Project Goal

The goal of this project was to hire and train young local residents to conduct NRW Management Activities to improve water services.


Project Scope

To train local residents in how to handle water demand efficiency and effectively through:


  • Leak detection
  • Logging
  • Control valve maintenance
  • Meter reading
  • Domestic Leak auditing
  • Community engagement and awareness training


  • Twelve previously unemployed and unskilled local individuals were hired, trained and engaged to bolster the capacity of Mogale City Local Municipality.
  • These individuals have been successfully assisting the municipality with the implementation of NRW Management since 2007.