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Pressure Management Saves Millions of Cubic Meters and Dollars Annually
Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town, South Africa


In 2000, Khayelitsha's NRW was about 75%. The main source of loss was identified to be badly damaged household plumbing fittings due to consistent high pressure.


These losses led to high water consumptions and, therefore, high levels of non-payment because customers could not afford new taps and toilet fittings, let alone water bills.


Project Goal

The goal of this project was to initiate a comprehensive pressure management program to improve water services to the community by reducing excessive water pressure and pressure fluctuations.


Project Scope

The project included:


  • Minimum night flow measurements
  • Construction and commissioning of pressure management installation

Financial Highlights

The project cost the city approximately $1 million to construct in 2001. ROI was achieved within less than three months.


The project saves the city over 9 million m3/year, equivalent to $4 million per year. Savings were maintained at original commissioning levels for at least two years after the project with no deterioration in the performance of the installations.