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Efficiency Management Project Increases Supply Capacity and Improves Infrastructure
Western Highveld, Mpumalanga, South Africa


The Western Highveld bulk water supply system covers an area of 4200 Km2, supply 100 MLD (million liters per day) to a population of 650,000. The utility struggles with a lack of cost recovery and excessive usage; customers experience intermittent supply.


Project Goal

The goal of this project is to reduce water losses and improve water supply services. The project is divided into several phases.


Project Scope

The project included the follow efficiency activities:


  • Pressure management
  • Hydraulic modeling and GIS
  • Bulk water system infrastructure upgrades
  • Telemetry and remote system performance monitoring
  • Active Leak detection
  • Consumer Metering
  • Training of local employees


  • Water savings of 5 million m3 annually
  • 23 zones with bulk meters established
  • ZAR 6 million (US$ 600,000) worth of infrastructure upgrades that utility was previously unaware were necessary
  • Locating and fixing over 200 leaks
  • Utility staff trained in water reduction techniques
  • Bulk supply capacity increased by 15%