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Comprehensive Efficiency Project to Improve Water Service
New Providence, Bahamas


WSC General Manager Glen Laville to the New York Times: "The other companies wanted to come in and change 20 to 30 miles of pipeline ... we weren't looking for someone to come in and just give us a new infrastructure. We wanted a holistic approach."



The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) supplies drinking water to 250,000 people. For three decades there has been limited success in coping with increasing levels of non-revenue water (NRW). Because 90% of the water comes from desalination plants, reducing water losses was especially urgent. 

NRW was estimated at 58% in 2012, which equals 6.87 million imperial gallons per day (MIGD).


Project Goal

The essential goals of the project are to improve water utility operations by substantially reducing potable water leakage and build customer support by providing better service.


Project Scope

The project includes a comprehensive suite of water efficiency solutions involving strategic and financial planning based on local NRW audits. This will be followed by water infrastructure improvements devised specifically for the island.


  • Baseline survey
  • Local NRW audits
  • Infrastructure improvements, including water pressure control, district metering, locating and repairing leaks and repairing or replacing pipes
  • Implementation of an advanced water data and system management solution
  • Training WSC staff in NRW reduction activities
  • Creation of local jobs within and supporting the project
  • Water efficiency education program in local school


Financial Highlights

  • US$ 83 million estimated total project cost
  • 30% performance-based compensation
  • The Bahamas Government secured an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) loan, of which a significant part is designated specifically for NRW reduction efforts
  • Savings generated from the project will be used to fund it in its later stages and continue post-project for a high ROI


Results so far:


  • When we started we were losing about 6.9 million gallons a day. By the end of 2014, two years into the project, we have cut that basically in half. 
  • 24/7 service for all customers achieved
  • Dozens of Bahamians employed
  • Leak detection teams locating and repairing hundreds of leaks, including one losing 238,000 imperial gallons per day (IGPD), saving a million dollars a year in losses
  • Installation of new service line installed perpendicular to existing main with updated corrosion-resistant valves
  • Development and system integration of Smartphone app for better utility-customer communication
  • Pilot water efficiency education program for 5th grade students completed successfully and led to over 20% decreased water consumption in students' homes


"So far we have saved about one billion gallons of water... Over whole project we will save 10 billion gallons...Basically, with the amount of water that we have saved so far, that would equate to about $6.5 million with the one billion gallons." Glen Laville, the Corpporation's general manager. Read more


"Today, I congratulate the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the Water & Sewerage Corporation along with its partner Miya for diligently working to bring much needed relief to the people of The Bahamas".The Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Davis. Read more