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Primary School Water Efficiency and Conservation Education Initiative
New Providence, Bahamas


After decades of limited success in coping with high levels of non-revenue water (NRW), the Water and Sewerage Corporation of the Bahamas (WSC) decided to implement a comprehensive 10-year program to make the water distribution system more efficient.


Miya believes that community support is essential to the overall success of an efficiency program and children are the best resource to spread the message. To support the success of the project, Miya contributed a pilot Water Efficiency and Awareness Programme in a local 5th grade class.


Project Goal

To support the overall project to improve water efficiency, reduce energy consumption and improve water services overall in the Bahamas with a school-based water awareness and conservation program.


Project Scope

To design and commission one of the largest advanced pressure management installations in the world - first phase of a long-term strategy to reduce NRW.


Finaincial Highlights

The pilot program was a contribution from Miya as part of an US$ 83 million contract for a decade-long comprehensive NRW reduction project. Miya hopes that the WSC and the Bahamian government will choose to implement the program in other schools, following the success of the pilot.


Click here for a link to a video summarizing the closing event, attended by officials from WSC, Miya and the government, where students presented what they learned throughout the year in a creative competition.



  • Increased public awareness of the WSC's NRW reduction program and its importance for Bahamian citizens
  • Improved trust and communication between the WSC and the public it serves
  • Decreased school water consumption by 20%
  • Improved the Bahamas water utility's public image
  • Set an example for the entire region on the importance of water resources management and community awareness