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Conservation Education and Infrastructure Upgrades Reduce Consumption By 30%
São Paolo, Brazil



As part of its overall goal of reducing NRW, SABESP decided to implement a program in hundreds of local schools throughout the São Paulo Metropolitan Area.


Project Goal

To significantly reduce long-term water consumption in 671 public schools through infrastructure upgrades and educational training in water conservation.


Project Scope

Short-term reduction in water consumption was targeted through infrastructure changes:


  • Low consumption toilets
  • Automatic taps
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Infrastructure maintenance

Long-term water savings were targeted by a water awareness and water conservation techniques training program for students and staff.


Financial Highlights

The value of the contract was US$ 9.22 million


  • 10% performance-based at the end of the contract
  • 90% over the duration of the project


  • Water consumption decreased by 30%. The original goal was a 10% reduction, meaning the project significantly exceed its target.
  • An average of 123.5 million liters of water were saved each month throughout the project
  • A major shift in students' attitude occurred, from indifference to responsible awareness
  • ROI was achieved within 15 months