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Fast Turnaround NRW Reduction Project in Impoverished Brazilian City
Itapevi, Brazil



Itapeví has a population of 200,000 people, most of whom live in poverty. Non-revenue water (NRW) was exceptionally high, at 62%, and water supply was limited to just a few hours a day in most areas.


Project Goal

To reduce NRW - from both physical and commercial losses - by 50%


Project Scope

The project included a full suite of NRW reduction interventions, starting with an evaluation to establish strategic NRW reduction and management methodologies:


  • Cost-benefit analyses for different NRW activities
  • Establishment of DMAs
  • Pressure management
  • New service connections
  • Leak detection
  • Implementation of a client database for effective administration and management of the distribution system

Financial Highlights

The value of the contract was US$ 7 million

  • 30% performance-based at the end of the contract
  • 70% paid over the 15-month duration of the project


  • Water supplied 24/7 to all residents
  • NRW reduced by more than half to 38% (from 753 to 272 Liters/connection/day)
  • 20,000 additional people connected to the water system
  • New service connections for 3,593 houses
  • Education and community campaigns dealing with sanitation and water waste
  • Overall ROI achieved within 17 months