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Caledon Wells Optimizimg their Water System for Now and into the Future
Peel, Ontario, Canada


The Region of Peel, following the implementation of an IWA water balance exercise for the Caledon well systems, retained the services of Veritec Consulting Inc., a Miya Group company, through a competitive RFQ process.


Project Goal

To implement a water loss study across all the regional systems.


Project Scope

The project involved the design and implementation of DMAs and night flow analysis using the reservoir drop test methodology. In addition, sonic noise mapping and leak detection was completed on a total of 193 km of water mains.

The final analysis included the development of a component analysis of real losses using the BABE concept in order to validate and calibrate the top down water balance.



The project was successfully implemented and DMA results showed little recoverable leakage and established appropriate level of background losses for pressure management evaluation.


A total of six leaks were found and repaired with yearly savings in excess of 72 cubic meters per day. The ELL evaluation determined that ongoing yearly sonic surveys should be completed.