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Decade-long NRW Project to Cut Water Losses for the Long-Term
São Paolo, Brazil


SABESP, the 4th largest water utility in the world, services a population greater than 25 million people, with 7.1 million service connections. Total water losses in São Paulo stood at 403 liters per connection per day in 2009. SABESP wants to lower that to 211 liters per connection per day by 2019.


Project Goal

The main goal of the NRW Reduction Management Program is to reduce NRW by half, from 26% to 13.1%.


This ambitious goal requires exceptionally complex planning and implementation processes in such a massive city, including a sophisticated software system to manage thousands of DMAs.


Project Scope

Phase I of the program (30 months) involves the reorganization of business units to reduce NRW and improve distribution, the development of a database, implementation of water loss management software and definition of key management role throughout the program.


Physical Loss Reduction Activities include:


  • Sectorization to optimize reservoir distribution networks
  • Pipe replacement
  • Service connections replacement
  • PRV installation
  • Pump station optimization
  • Leak detection services
  • Pipe repair
  • DMA implementation

Commercial Loss Reduction Activities include:


  • Meter replacement
  • Fraud elimination
  • Client database review
  • Supply regularization to low income areas

Financial Highlights

The value of the contract was US$19 million over a 30-months period.



  • Monitoring and integration of NRW reduction activities according to monthly evaluations (KPIs - Key Performance Indicators)
  • Long-term planning and capital improvement investments (about US$ 500 million annually)
  • Set an example with ambitious goals for water efficiency