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Assessing Water Losses and Saving Hundreds of Cubic Meters Per Day
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The city of Toronto washed to conduct a detailed water loss assessment and leak detection study to develop a detailed water balance for their entire system focusing on non-revenue.


Project Goal

To develop a detailed IWA/AWWA Water Balance for the distribution and an evaluation of non-revenue water on a pressure district basis - the project also included conducting a full review of current city practices regarding main break repairs and active leak detection.


Project Scope  


The water loss assessment and leak detection study was carried out over a four-year period (2004-2008). Pilot testing of leak detection strategies using district metered areas (DMAs) and pressure management were completed.


The results of the water balance and data from pilot areas were then used to develop a 5-year comprehensive water loss reduction strategy.



Field implementation of the pilot areas identified several unreported leaks and clearly showed the benefits of pressure management in DMAs. Savings of over 350 m3/day were realized in pilot areas.


Toronto based its ongoing plan on this feasibility study.