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Cities worldwide have benefited from Miya's comprehensive solutions and sustainable models.
Comprehensive Efficiency Program Leads to More than 150% Better System
York, Ontario, Canada



The Regional Municipality of York wished to carry out a comprehensive leakage reduction program. They turned to a Miya company to execute this project, which was, and still is, the largest contracted leakage reduction program in Canada.


Project Goal

To implement a full range of water efficiency activities to reduce water losses by 3.8 MLD (Million Liters Daily).


Project Scope

This project was an eight-year comprehensive water loss reduction project, which involved a full range of water efficiency activities.


Physical Loss Reduction Activities include:


  • DMA implementation
  • Step testing
  • Leak location
  • Pinpointing
  • Leakage repair
  • Post-repair profiling to confirm savings

Financial Highlights

The cost of the project was about US$ 1.8 million, 20% of which was performance-based.



  • The total water loss reduction represents 156% of the original project target of 5.96 MLD (Million Liters daily)
  • DMA implementation led to the recovery of 7.65 MLD
  • Pressure control fostered water savings of 1.69 MLD
  • Energy saved - 975,000 kWh/year
  • CO2 emissions were reduced by 263,000 kg annually