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Designing NRW Strategy for One Town and Training a Local to Re-Create it for Three Others
Madhya Pradesh Region, Indore, India


The four major cities in the Madhya Pradesh Region were experiencing severe water shortages. Projects were under way to augment current water supply. The United Nations-Habitat proposed an investigation of current NRW levels to prepare an NRW management strategy for the affected cities.


Project Goal

To provide recommendations on how the Indore Municipal Corporation can implement NRW management strategy and improve operation of its entire water system; to train a local consultant to develop similar strategies for the other three cities in the region.


Project Scope

A complete system audit was conducted to identify NRW based on both physical and commercial losses and consolidate recommendations for ways the utility could significantly decrease losses and better use its limited resources.


The study also focused on training a local consultant to prepare similar NRW management strategies for Jabalpur, Gwalior and Bhopal, the other cities in the region.


Financial Highlights

The project was funded in its entirety by UN-Habitat, at a total of US$ 60,000.




  • A complete list of NRW reduction recommendations was provided
  • A local consultant was trained in NRW management
  • Training exercises for municipal staff were conducted in each city