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NRW Reduction Project Saves Water and Connects 2.6 Million Additional People
Manila, Philippines

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Between 2008 and 2014 Miya was responsible for providing design and advisory services, supervising the world's largest NRW management project. Miya partnered with Maynilad Water Services, the water concessionaire serving the western part of Metro Manila with a population of around 9 million people.


At the beginning of the project the level of NRW was 1,580 million liters per day (1.58 million m3/d), or 67% of the total water production. Because of these extremely high water losses, three million people could not be connected and supplied, while millions of others suffered from intermittent supply, extremely low pressures, and poor water quality.


The implementation of a comprehensive NRW reduction program was the only viable option for Maynilad, to supply the entire population in their area at a good service level and meet the targets in the concession agreement.


Project Goal


The purpose of the project was to build NRW management capacity at Maynilad, establish a world class NRW management system, re-structure and improve the water distribution network, and reduce physical and commercial losses so that the entire population in the service area could be supplied.


Project Scope

The scope of the project included:


  • Initial Water Audit
  • Design of the NRW management strategy
  • Design and establishment of Maynilad's NRW department
  • Network zoning
  • DMA design and establishment
  • Selective mains and service connection replacement
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Integrated meter management - selection, procurement, testing, installation, maintenance
  • Large scale pressure management
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive staff training program
  • Implementation of Netbase water distribution and NRW management software

Financial Highlights


  • From 2008-2014 Maynilad invested US$410M in NRW related CAPEX and OPEX
  • Included in the OPEX component were Miya's fixed and performance based fees (US$17.7M)
  • The additional revenues (US$441M) during this 7 year period already exceeded the investments




With the help of the newly established and trained NRW management department of 450 engineers, the following impressive results have been achieved:

  • NRW was reduced from 1,580 million liters per day to 650 liters per day (reduction of 64%)
  • 460,000 additional customers connected (about 3 million people) - number of customers increased from 700,000 to 1,160,000)
  • Level of service has tremendously improved:
    • Average pressure increased from 4 to 19 m
    • Average supply time increased from 15 to 24 hours
  • 1,500 DMAs established
  • 1,500 km of pipelines replaced; and
  • 277,000 leaks detected and repaired
  • Maynilad's net income tripled



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