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Miya garners international media coverage, for its mega-scale efficiency projects and advanced asset management of water and wastewater concessions.

Miya purchases Indaqua, Portugal


February 2016


Miya purchased Portuguese water giant Indaqua, entering into a new mega-scale partnership that expands its offering into the water and wastewater segment. Indaqua operates six regional utilities in the country's north-west, plus a stake in a municipal utility, servicing a total of 600,000 people. Miya will bring its values-based operational expertise to advance Portugal's largest private water operator. It continues to seek additional strategic partnerships in water and wastewater concessions.


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Miya's project results in substantial non-revenue water reduction in The Bahamas


March 2016 


Through partial funding from the IDB loan, the WSC awarded MIYA Bahamas a 10-year contract, with the objective of increasing access to fresh water by reducing water losses. Thus far MIYA has exceeded their target goals when it comes to the reduction of water losses in New Providence.



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WSC & Miya spread holiday cheer throughout the southern Bahamas


December 2015


After Hurricane Joaquin ravaged the southern islands, WSC knew they had to do something to make the holidays full of cheer for those struggling to find normalcy.
Partnered with Miya, they organized Christmas gifts to over 250 of the affected children…


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Miya signs a water efficiency project estimated at $42.5M in Jamaica


July 2015


The contract with the National Water Commission of Jamaica is designed to maximize efficiency of the water system in Kingston. Within five years, daily savings of more than 70 million liters of fresh water are expected, enough to supply water to additional 500,000 people

Lower Losses Save Water Corp (in the Bahamas) $6.5m


June 2015


"So far we have saved about one billion gallons of water... Over whole project we will save 10 billion gallons...Basically, with the amount of water that we have saved so far, that would equate to about $6.5 million with the one billion gallons." Glen Laville, the Corpporation's general manager


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Primary school students get fun lessons on water conservation


May 2015


"Reaching out to these wonderful primary students is very important to us," said Chrisnor Stuart, Public Relations and Marketing rep at WSC. "We were excited to team up with the Bahamas National Trust and Miya Bahamas to help educate local children on the importance of water in our lives and our goals not to waste it, but treasure it."


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National Water Month celebrations are good for all



May 2015


"Recognizing the trans-formative role of young people today and in the future to safeguard our water resources, the WSC team will join their working partners MIYA Bahamas and the Bahamas National Trust to visit local primary schools to advance their knowledge of water and water conservation. They have also launched a fun junior high school challenge called ‘Wet & Wise'..."


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Interview with Shimon Constant, Vice President in Miya


February 2015


"One of the most important factors in reducing losses is an holistic NRW reduction project and a strong educational program to educate the public to value the water" Says Shimon Constant, Vice President in Miya


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Israel uses sewage and seawater to ensure supply


March 2015


"In Israel, we do not allow the system to lose anything," says to Folha Shimon Constant, vice president Regional Israeli company Miya, one of the firms that can help Sao Paulo in the niche of the water crisis. The expansion is part of Israel's plan. The government program 'NewTech' has a mission to promote Israeli techniques for water and sustainable energy around the world"


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World Water Day remarks by Bahamas Minister of Works & Urban Development


March 2015


"In an effort to address this challenge, Government supported the Corporation's contractual engagement of Miya Water to reduce NRW. Miya developed a comprehensive strategy for water loss reduction and commenced implementation in 2013. For the first time since its engagement, Consolidated Water, the Corporation's water supplier, reported significantly decreased revenues for 2014. This decrease is directly attributed to the efforts of the Water & Sewerage Corporation and Miya Water Bahamas to reduce water losses in New Providence. In just over 18 months of implementation, NRW was reduced from its initial level of 6.9Migd, to 4.9Migd on an annual basis."


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WSC and MIYA band together to help Unity House on ‘Good Deeds Day’


March 2015


"This year was no exception as MIYA Bahamas and the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) teamed up once again to carry out good deeds at Unity House Home"...

"WSC along with Miya Bahamas is pleased to offer assistance to our community and in particular Unity House Home for the Aged," said Visna Armbrister, WSC Public Affairs Manager. "Our Senior Citizens deserve respect and we are so happy to give any assistance that we can as a part of Good Deeds Day 2015. We recognize that what we do only plays a small part in helping, but every little bit counts."


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Shimon Constant, Vice President of Business Development at Miya, speaks about the water challenges of São Paulo


December 2014


Shimon Constant, Vice President of Business Development at Miya, and is four months in Brazil, explains how the work of this international company that has extensive experience in the successful implementation of water efficiency projects across the globe.

"Over the past four years, made had several projects to reduce losses, such as the exchange of water meters in Itapevi, with 100% success. We also do other program in partnership with Sabesp encouraging responsible consumption of water in 148 public schools in São Paulo"


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Improving the undergrounded water supply system of the Bahamas leds to an amazing discovery: 330,000 year old hidden cave!


December 2014


During routine field work in the Bahamas (as part of a 10-year water efficiency project on the island), Miya was moving an existing meter to a different location further downstream. While conducting excavation for this meter (by the contractor, PROLINE), Miya revealed a geologically significant cave.
The cave is located at the base of what is described in Sam Reid's M.Sc geology thesis as the Blue Ridge. If indeed the cave is part of the Blue Ridge, it could be up to 330,000 years old!
It is hoped that the uncovering of this cave will help to further understand the geology of New Providence and Miya is honored to take part of this discovery!

Miya and WSC supporting the children at Elizabeth Estates Children


December 2014


NASSAU, Bahamas -- With Christmas right around the corner, the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) is embracing the spirit of the season by giving back to the Elizabeth Estates Children's Home.

"The Water and Sewerage Corporation is very pleased to partner with MIYA to support the children at Elizabeth Estates Children's Home..." said Sandra Edgecombe, CFO Water and Sewerage Corporation. "We are also thrilled that MIYA has started the ball rolling, by generously donating gift certificates for each child at the Home. The Corporation invites the public to join us in making this Christmas especially merry and bright for the children at the Elizabeth Estates Children's Home."

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DPM Davis updates: "Miya has already exceeded its target"


November 2014


The Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Davis, has reported on the great success of Miya's project in the Bahamas.

"Today, I rise to deliver a brief but very important communication to this Parliament on the status of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) generated by the Water and Sewerage Corporation. This communication is important because it is good news that affects the pocket and comfort of each water consumer in New Providence"

In just over 18 months of implementation, NRW has been reduced from its initial level of 6.9Migd, to 4.9Migd on an annual basis.  Miya has already exceeded its target of 5.5Migd for 2014 at the prompting of the Corporation’s Management and Board of Directors

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Miya as one of the 'for-benefit' GameChangers 500 companies


July 2014


Miya recently joined the ranks of the GameChangers 500 list, intended to build aspirations for a new breed of organizations that define themselves as for-benefit, rather than for-profit, and utilize business both to make money and to make the world a better place. In contrast to lists like the Fortune 500 that imply success is based on maximizing revenue only, Gamechangers aims to redefine the type of company next-generation leaders aspire to join and create.

Miya is honored to join the GameChangers 500 list, in line with its commitment to sustainability as a foundation of its water efficiency work in cities worldwide. Miya's projects have proven to not only save water and improve utility's financial situation, they also improve customer service, create local jobs and reduce energy consumption.

Click here for our Featured Profile to learn more about our unique best practices in using business as a force for good.

Miya Hosts Global Green Growth Forum in Manila


October 2014

Miya had the pleasure of hosting the 3GF Global Green Growth Call-to-Action Forum, attended by the Ambassador of Denmark, Jan Top Christensen, the heads of local water utilities and a variety of presenters from around the region. The forum focused on the environmental ramifications of NRW, way to find political and financial solutions to broadly address these problems and the importance of sharing knowledge, increasing awareness and taking action.

Miya's Asia Regional Director Roland Liemberger gave a talk about performance-based contracts as a cost-effective solution to reducing water losses in urban water systems. Mai Flor, also from Miya, discussed ways to design effective projects for comprehensive NRW management. Other highlights included guests from the Asian Development Bank to discuss successful NRW management projects in Vietnam and India.

IWA World Conference Keynote Focuses on Social Dimensions of Water Management


September 2014


During the recent IWA World Water Conference & Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal, the keynote talk given by Dipak Gyawali (Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) explored "Social Dimensions of Innovation in Water: The talk focused on the challenges of re-engineering water management." In light of Miya's focus on including community outreach in all of its projects around the world, Miya's Vice President of Operations and Projects Menashe Kaslassy was invited to participate in a panel discussion in connection with the keynote alongside three other international experts.

To see a short video on the panel, click here.


For an article on Miya's role in spreading technology and innovation at the IWA Congress, click here.

Miya Complimented in NY Times Research Article on The Art of Water Recovery


July 2014

"Imagine that you run a company that sells bottled water. You spend lots of money, and use lots of energy, pumping the water out of the ground, purifying it and transporting it for sale. Then, one day, you discover that a large number of bottles never make it to the stores. They are falling through holes in the trucks. Wouldn't you want to know what could be done about it? Wouldn't you be crazy to allow the situation to continue?"


An independent research journalist from the New York Times contacted Miya for expert interviews on urban water efficiency. He interviewed a number of Miya experts and clients, with the end result of an in-depth article about water recovery, as well as Miya's leading role in this developing industry.


To read the entire article, click here.


Miya’s Wins Asia Pacific IWA Innovation Award


June 2014


Miya's successful partnership with Maynilad Water Services, the private water utility serving western Manila, to improve the efficiency of the urban water system and increase supply to local residents was recognized for the second year in a row by the International Water Association (IWA).

The Miya-Maynilad partnership, which added 2.6 million residents to the system, reduced water losses by half and created over 400 jobs for local Filipinos, was selected to receive the prestigious IWA Project Innovation Award for the Asia Pacific region. The candidates from the three regional awards also automatically compete for the global award, to be presented in fall 2014.

To read the official IWA press release about the awards, click here

Arison CEO Efrat Peled Praises Miya on Reuters


April 2014


Efrat Peled, CEO of Arison Investments, sat down with Rob Cox, of Breakingviews on Reuters television, to discuss the Arison group's approach to the moniker doing good is good business. She specifically sites Miya as a "really outstanding company from the point of getting to a niche that everybody else is ignoring."


"Between 30-40% of the urban water system is leaking, and we're losing the best quality water ... Miya came with a solution that can embrace technology and engineering knowledge and make these projects very efficient."


To view the entire interview, click here. Jump to 3:06 to hear about Miya. 


Miya and WSC Join Forces for Good Deeds Day


March 2014


As part of international Good Deeds Day, volunteers from Miya Bahamas and The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) took time from their busy schedules to improve the grounds at the Elizabeth Estates Children's Home. Volunteers worked throughout the week, and especially on March 7 all day, to re-paint buildings at the home, install a new welcome sign, plant flowers,mow the lawn and, inspired by their professional lives in the water efficiency field, install water efficient toilets and faucets in bathrooms on the grounds.


Good Deeds Day is an annual global tradition of doing good for the benefit of others and the planet. Initiated by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison in 2007, Miya Bahamas and WSC are two of over 500 businesses in 50 countries participating in Good Deeds Day worldwide.

Click here for a short video about Good Deeds Day.

To read more about the event, click here.


Miya Shortlisted for Global Water Awards


February 2014


Miya and its partner in the Bahamas, the Water and Sewerage Corp. (WSC) were shortlisted for the GWI's prestigious yearly awards. The 10-year comprehensive water efficiency project is competing in the category of Performance Initiative of the Year.


The project includes a full suite of NRW reduction activities combined with infrastructure improvements, planned such that the utility will save significantly in the early stages of the project to free funds for investment back into the system to achieve long-term improvement. An initial step was an advanced pressure management system, which allowed the WSC to end manual cutbacks previously instituted to prevent bursts. This step led to 24/7 water supply at consistent pressures for all residents.


For more information on the project, click here.


Miya’s Expert Article in Water World Magazine


January 2014


"Bahamas Gets Tough on NRW" by Paul Fanner, director of Miya's comprehensive 10-year NRW management program in the Bahamas, was released on waterworld.com. The article describes the goals and method of the project and features some of the impressive first year achievements, such as 24/7 service for all residents and over a hundred local Bahamians employed throughout the project.


"The Bahamas Government, the WSC and the Bahamian community have set an example for the world of how important it is to manage our precious water resources efficiently. A forward thinking, innovative project such as this one leads to sustainable change that mutually benefits the utility and the citizens it supplies."


To read the entire article, click here.


Miya Featured in GWI Smart Water Networks


December 2013


GWI Smart Water Networks 2014 Report released recently specifically cites Miya as a key market player, next to giants such as Suez Environnement and Veolia.


The report also includes a case study on Miya's comprehensive NRW reduction project in Manila, which over the past five has reduced water losses from over 1,500 million liters per day (MLD) to 744 MLD and still dropping. The report mentions the addition of over 2 million additional people connected to the water network and 24/7 service expanded from only 56% of the population to 96%, mentioning in detail particular solutions implemented.


The report also includes an impressive company profile and refers readers to an online article published by Miya experts on performance-based NRW contracts.


David Arison Weighs in on Detroit’s Water Situation


December 2013


The city of Detroit has gone through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history: the city's ailing water system is a clear illustration of how some of its few resources are still draining away, as it struggles to stabilize its finances and provide basic services.


David Arison, Miya's Vice President of Global Business Relations, was asked by Associated Press writer Corey Williams to help understand the situation. Citing old infrastructure, Arison noted that pipe replacement is both expensive and extremely disruptive, neither of which Detroit can afford.


"More than 30,000 buildings stand vacant in neighborhoods hollowed out by Detroit's long population decline, vulnerable to metal scavengers who rip out pipes, leaving the water to flow. The city's water system has no way of tracking the leaks, and the water department doesn't have enough workers to check every structure."


To learn more about the situation in Detroit, click here.


Miya’s LATAM Regional VP sits down with BNAmericas to talk efficiency


December 2013


Miya's Vice President of Development in Latin America, Shimon Constante, sat down with BNAmericas to discuss some of the regional issues related to water losses and how efficiency can improve.


While the world average for water losses in cities is 30%, the situation in Latin America is even worse: Mexico City, São Paulo and Lima average a 38% water loss rate, and that indicator jumps to over 60% in Panama or Puerto Rico.


Constante summarized: "Loss reduction activities are relatively simple at an engineering level ... Where do water companies fail? In managing a project to reduce losses because they are consumed by their daily activities. They cannot build a long-term, 10-year strategy and set drastic loss reduction targets." This is where Miya comes in, as a global specialist in long-term water loss reduction strategy based on effective cost-benefit analyses and target-focused approach.


To read the entire article, click here.


Miya featured on Goodnet


November 2013


Miya was recently featured on Goodnet as "a good doing company that provides urban water efficiency solutions ... Miya focuses on reducing water losses by assessing the needs, goals and budget of cities' utilities. With that information, Miya tailors a plan to implement technology-based solutions that will yield more clean water, save energy and lower costs. With more folks flocking to the metropolis, companies like Miya provide a necessary service by minimizing water loss and ensuring that there is enough clean water for all."


To read the entire piece, click here.


Goodnet, Gateway to Doing Good, is a media platform that aims to help you activate your goodness. Water-related articles have appeared a number of times on the site, including 7 Water Organization You Should Know that also featured Miya.


WRP Contributes to South African NRW Analysis


November 2013


Zama Siqualaba, a social scientist with WRP, a Miya Group Company, took part in conducting a survey in South African municipalities to calculate the amount of water losses and attempt to identify the causes to reduce NRW. One of the main findings: incompetence at the municipal level. Only 132 municipalities, within a total of 237, had data to contribute to the study.


The recent State of Non-Revenue Water in South Africa report found that R7.2-billion (US$ 707 million) of municipal water is not being paid for each year. That equates to 36.8 percent of the water supply. Of this, a third is water that is not being paid for and two thirds is water that is leaking out of the system.


To read more, click here.

DAWASCO and Miya Partner to Reduce Water Loss in Tanzania


November 2013


"The Dar es Salaam Water Company has started working with an Israel based water authority dubbed Miya Arison Group to curb water leakages, aiming to cut loss from the current 54 percent to 21 percent."


Miya's Africa Regional Director Tali Miller-Levin is quoted in the Guardian article that," the most suistainable and cost-effective wat to minimize such losses is to improve the efficiency of urban water distribution systems by effective water loss management."


To read the entire article, click here


Veritec, a Miya Group Company, Chosen to Reduce Revelstoke Water Losses


November 2013


Following recommendations from Veritec engineer Graham Waley, the Revelstoke City Council, British Columbia, Canada, decided to implement district metering to reduce their NRW, which was found to be the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool every day!


"Basically, district metering means employing several metering and leak-detection techniques and technologies to detect and fix leaks on main water lines." Veritec conducted a study and found that implementing such a system would be more effective and significantly cheaper than alternatives.


To read more, click here.


'Finding Water' Efficiency Industry Overview Published in Water Loss Detectives


November 2013


Water utilities are starting to discover they are sitting on a goldmine: more than a third of the drinkable water in urban areas leaks out of the distribution system, never reaching customers, and therefore, not being billed. As utilities embark on water loss reduction projects, an integrative approach adopted by some may be the best lead to follow.


To read the full article in Water Loss Detectives magazine, click here.

Miya Wows WATEC with its Unique Presentation


October 2013


Miya recently participated in WATEC in Tel Aviv. Miya's unique booth communicated the company's vision and provided a visual explanation of the fact that 30% of the world's potable water is lost from urban water systems. Two Miya experts were invited to give talks at the WATEC conference, one in the OECD session and another in the Emerging Markets session.


Miya's goals at WATEC were to raise awareness to the issues of water inefficiency in cities around the world and to meet delegations seeking to make their water systems more efficient. Executives in business development formed connections with companies from a variety of countries, including the Philippines, Portugal, Tanzania, Cameroun, China and more. 


To see an interview with David Arison at WATEC on Chinese television, click here.

Miya Chairman Interviewed on Developing Sustainability Strategies and Policies


October 2013


In line with Miya's vision to ensure an abundance of potable water, Financial Times writer Sarah Murray interviews Miya Chairman Meir Weitchner for an article on green technology and sustainable business.

"Sensors and in-pipe monitors can detect weaknesses, allowing local repairs, rather than having to replace networks or build new infrastructure. In the Philippines, Miya, part of Arison Investments, is working with a water utility to improve the efficiency of the existing system. ‘We're saving ... the equivalent of [about] eight desalination plants' ... Mr Wietchner stresses the need not just for information but also ways of analysing it. ‘You need the right algorithms to make the right decisions,' he says. "

To read more, click here.

Miya Wins Prestigious IWA Award


October 2013


Miya partnered with Maynilad, the private water utility serving western Manila, to deliver clean water to as many city residents as possible, in a sustainable way that is both environmentally beneficial and cost-effective. Understanding that a comprehensive water efficiency program, combined with world renowned expertise, is needed to deal with 67% water losses and lack of service for 3 million residents, Miya and Maynilad signed a performance-based partnership contract in 2009 aimed at significantly reducing NRW, improving water service to residents and enhancing the utility's relationship with the community. The project earned the IWA Award for Project Innovation in the drinking water supply category.


To read more, click here.


Consistent Water Supply and Pressure for New Providence Residents

August 2013


A comprehensive 10-year project to maximize the potential of the Bahamas water system has reached its first significant milestone: consistent water supply and pressure for all residents. Over the past few months, manual cutbacks were necessary due to fluctuations that lead to leaks and infrastructure failures. A new automated pressure control system has eliminated the need for cutbacks to conserve water. The achievement of consistent water service is a key step in connecting more people to the existing water supply network with improved water service.


To read more, click here.


Miya/BBL shines at the Fenesan Conference in São Paolo


July 2013


BBL, A Miya Group Company, had a successful booth at the annual international Fenesan Conference in São Paolo in July. The event had more than 17,000 visitors from across the water industry.


BBL enjoyed a significant number of visitors to its booth where it shared its vast experience in water efficiency projects throughout Brazil.


Miya Recognized as National Champion in Europe


July 2013


The European Business Awards announced that Miya will represent Luxembourg as a National Champion in the prestigious 2013/2014 awards program.

Miya has also been selected by the Chairman of Judges to compete for The Millicom Award for Environmental & Corporate Sustainability category, as well as the Ruben d'Honneurs for National Champions.


The esteemed panel of judges sought organizations that exhibited the highest levels of innovation, business excellence and sustainability.


WATCH: Massive Pipe Burst Soaks Rio Suburb


July 31, 2013


A water duct ruptured in a poor suburb of Rio, creating a high-pressure spurt that soaked the area. These types of high-pressure bursts are a serious risk when urban water systems operate inefficiently.


They can be dangerous and they are one of the major sources of water losses. In this incident, A 3-year-old girl was killed, 13 people were injured and dozens of homes were flooded, local media reports said.


Click here to watch the video.


WATCH: Ohio Sinkhole Swallows Car

July 4, 2013


A car fell into a sinkhole in Ohio, exposing a major pipe leaking gallons of clean water.

These types of leaks are happening all the time, right under our city's streets and highways, and we have no idea. About 30% of the water being pumped into our city's water distribution systems is lost due to leaks of just this sort.

Click here to watch video.

Miya Touted for Water Efficiency Successes

June 2013


Following a press conference on Saturday, June 20th, Miya Manila is being touted in the media for its ability to make the Bacolod water distribution more efficient.

"The implementation of the water loss reduction project will reduce losses by more than half by addressing the leakages and pilferages ... BACIWA will have a 24/7 water service ... and add 27,000 additional people will receive water from the BACIWA distribution network."

The article aptly notes that Miya is the only company in the world that focuses on reducing water losses

To read the entire article, click here.

Students turned experts: 5th graders compete on water conservation knowledge

June 5, 2013


The Oakes Field Primary School, the Water and Sewage Corporation (WSC), the Bahamian Government and Miya celebrated the close of a successful year of the pilot Water Efficiency and Awareness Program! About 600 people, including government and WSC officials, parents, teachers and peers attended the event. The educational program is part of a Miya-WSC comprehensive 10-year water efficiency program. Miya believes that community involvement is an integral aspect of a successful water efficiency program and thus contributed this pilot program to the Bahamian community.


To read the Bahamas Weekly article on the event, click here.


To see a short video on the event, click here.

Gesner Oliveira Appointed New Board Member for Miya Brazil

June 2013


Gesner Oliveira was appointed to the Miya Brazil board of directors in May, which was reported in the second largest newspaper in Brazil. The news was also reported by international water news outlets OOSKAnews and WaterIndustry.org. Miya Brazil, a part of the Miya Group and its subsidiary BBL Engenharia, Construção e Comércio Ltda., offers vast experience in the Brazilian market, complemented by extensive international experience in water efficiency projects (Caribbean, South Africa, North America, Southeast Asia and more).


To see the full press release, click here.


David Arision Presents Miya’s Social Impact at international NYC Conference

June 2013


Miya’s Director of Global Relations David Arison recently gave a presentation about corporate social impact at the Triple Bottom Line Investment (TBLI) Conference in New York City.  The conference is a global event held annually to provide an opportunity to discuss and learn about impact investing.


Mr. Arison gave a spirited presentation about the value of direct impact investing as opposed to limited and indirect impact investing, such as “green” funds. Mr. Arison used Miya as an example to illustrate the value of direct impact investing. Providing case studies such as that in Manila, Phillipines, he described a large scale efficiency project undertaken by a utility serving 9 million people. The project led to the utility tripling its revenues, the creation of jobs, an additional 2.6 million people connected to the water supply network and preserving existing reservoirs by pulling less water from them.  



Miya at ANDESCO: Addressing water utilities

June 2013


Miya initiated a focused workshop on the challenges facing water utilities around the world at the 6th International Congress of Public Services in Colombia focusing on Social and Environmental Responsibility.


The workshop featured former SABESP (São Paolo, Brazil water services authority) president Gesner Oliveira, recently appointed board member of Miya Brazil, discussing the need for focused leadership for comprehensive non-revenue water (NRW) reduction projects; Castalia Advisors discussing the relationship between NRW reduction and the new tariff structure in Colombia; and Miya’s Latin America Technical Director Fabio Garson discussing Miya’s holistic approach to NRW reduction.

Comprehensive Water Efficiency Solutions Featured at Curacao Conference

June 2013


Miya staff participated in the Non-Revenue Water & Plant Retrofit Workshop organized by the Caribbean Desalination Association in Curacao in late June. Miya, as a leader in global water efficiency, led multiple workshops and lectures. Paul Fanner, Miya’s Project Director in the Bahamas, led a session on the benefits of a comprehensive solution from an engineering perspective. In another session, Fanner presented on the necessity of an integrated network management system, highlighting Netbase, an unique computer-based network management software package that allows for all existing water utility systems for tracking, monitoring and billing to be concentrated into one central information center. 

International consulting company reports on U.S. need for water efficiency

June 11, 2013


Black & Veatch issued its yearly report, surveying about 400 people in the U.S. water industry to study issues arising from aging water distribution systems and broad droughts affecting both water utilities and customers nationwide. At least 20% of the water sent through the country's network water pipes is not paid for, mostly due to leaks, poor metering or inadequate estimates of water use by customers. The report conclusively notes that other countries are implementing water conservation and efficiency programs; this is the necessary next move for the U.S. as well.

To see the full report, click here.


To Save Energy We Must Also Save Water

May 30, 2013


In her recent opinion piece, Jessica Kennedy expounds on the "energy water nexus" - the term that refers to the close link between water and energy. Business leaders, policy makers and citizens are all taking more notice of both water and energy issues, as the security of both are in question as oil supplies are depleted and climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions threaten our water supplies. Also involved in the nexus is the issue that water inefficiency leads to the need to produce more water, which is also an energy-guzzling process.


To read Kennedy's entire informative piece, click here.


The Australia-China Joint Research Centre for River Basin Management

June 4, 2013


Water efficiency, food security and environmental sustainability will be the focus of a new joint Australia-China research center, officially launched in Beijing in early June. The Australia-China Joint Research Centre for River Basin Management, led by the University of Melbourne, will provide both countries with a new capacity to address national priorities for water resources management. Five flagship research programs that build on, and exchange, findings from major national programs in Australia and China will be established, as will a showcase of new technologies for improving water efficiency and water quality.


To read more about the new research center, click here

Cut In the Bahamas Water Losses

Bahamas Tribune - April 16, 2013


WSC General Manager Glen Laville told The Tribune yesterday that as it stands, the Corporation loses around 6.5 million gallons of water a day. A closer look revealed, he said, that the massive waste puts the WSC at more than a $16 million a year disadvantage.

But Mr Laville said that with the expertise of Miya Water, there are high hopes to reduce the losses to about $2 million. Miya has guaranteed, according to Works Minister Philip "Brave" Davis, to reduce the water losses."The contractor that we have working with us is going to be here for 10 years. So in the first five years they are going to do reduction and in the last five years they maintain those reduced levels. At the end of the project, it would more or less pay for itself."

Miya also plans to contract a number of Bahamian labourers. They will be trained to carry out specific duties once Miya's 10-year tenure ends.



Residents and visitors demand access to good quality water Read more >>

Water Week Latin America

March 17-22, 2013

Water Week Latin America, held in Viña del Mar, Chile, provides a unique platform for the
exchange of experiences and practices in water-related fields among the scientific, business,
political and civic communities.

The conference focuses on new ways of thinking and positive action on water-related challenges
and their impact on the environment, health, climate, the economy and the community.
The organizers of Water Week Latin America hope that encounters during the week will
lead to concrete answers on issues of water management, the environment and economic

During this conference, Miya gave a presentation on its unique, globally-informed expertise in
NRW reduction projects, highlighting its holistic approach to water efficiency projects.


Nearly 40% of municipal water lost en route to customers

Business Day Live - March 20, 2013


According to a study released March 20th by the Water Research Commission (WRC), 36.8% of the total municipal water supplied in South Africa is lost before it reaches customers. About a quarter of these losses are the results of physical leakage. This means that an estimated 1,580 million cubic meters of water is lost annually in a country considered to be water-scarce, and the government loses an estimated R7 billion (US$ 771 billion) in potential revenues due to non-billed water.



Billions needed to plug SA water leaks

Sowetan LIVE - MAR 20, 2013


It is going to cost billions to plug the country's ageing and leaking water supply systems, Water Affairs Minister Edna Molewa said.

The report, by WRP Consulting Engineers, was commissioned by the Water Research Commission, and based on data from 132 municipalities.





Energy Efficiency Seminar of ANDESCO

Colombia February, 2013


The 3rd Energy Efficiency Seminar being held to encourage and raise awareness of new trends and technologies in energy, especially on issues related to networks smart.

Fabio Garzon, One of the world's renown Miya's experts, spoke about the Reality and Challenges in Managing Energy Efficiency in the water sector. Presenting the high impact and need for integral efficiency projects in water companies; demonstrating the effect of hydraulic efficiency on energy efficiency and the high synergy between the two activities.



Miya: Delivering clean drinking water, at scale

January 2013


Last week in Israel, I learned about company that is only six years old but has already delivered safe drinking water to two million people in a single city-Manila. Called Miya, the company also has projects underway in Brazil, South Africa and the Bahamas. A wholly owned subsidiary of Arison Investments, Miya is one of the emerging stars of Israeli's clean tech sector...

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Miya won the Environmental Responsibility Award, Colombia

November 2012


Miya Colombia won the environmental responsibility award, a program of the Colombia Planting Foundation, constituted with the purpose to promote "Responsible Environmental Culture" in the country´s business class, from the successful projects promotion and the social and economic, high environmental impact. The Colombia Planting Foundation offers programs and environmental activities, as of the premise: "All human beings are responsible of correcting the impact that our daily activity exerts on the environment and natural resources"


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NRW Workshop by Miya- CWWA


Bahamas, October 2012


Mrs. Sofia Kanellopoulou, Bahamas Project Manager, lead a workshop about NRW management and provided insights on water efficiency issues.
As part of the workshop we have invited kids from the local schools to share their thoughts about the water education program that is currently carried out in New Providence.

CWWA Exhibition


Bahamas, October 2012


Over 300 local and international participants took part in the 21st Annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) Conference and exhibition, including a
mix of sector Professionals, Engineers, Industry Leaders, CEOs, Ministers of Government and High-Level Dignitaries from across the Caribbean Region.
Miya played an active role in both the exhibition and the conference where Miya's experts delivered several very good papers. Miya has also hosted the conference cocktail.

Miya’s article-The Comprehensive Approach


October 2012


"Incorporating Non-Revenue Water activities is not enough.
A comprehensive approach is the sustainable solution"
By Steve Genser, RRI team leader, Miya Bahamas and Dana Cogan, Technology Director, Miya
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September 2012


The IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition is a high-profile biennial event, attended by approx. 3500 visitors.
Miya played an active role in both the conference and the exhibition and held an Industry Forum where. Mr. Roland Liemberger, Asia Director and Ms. Mai Flor, Asia Business Development Director, provided insights on NRW management issues. 

WUEA , Tanzania


September 2012


Tali Miller- Levin, Miya's regional director in Africa, has presented at the WUEA Congress in Tanzania. Mrs. Levin presented Miya's case studies, demonstrating the NRW reduction in Water Utilities.
The session introduced Miya's new methodologies for a comprehensive program for water loss reduction.

Water Loss Europe - H2O ACCADUEO- Italy


May 2012


3000 people have gathered in Ferrara, Italy, to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies and techniques in Non-Revenue Water Management.
Miya played an active role in both the exhibition and the conference where Miya's experts delivered several very good papers


Ariel Moshkovitz, Miya's General Manager EMEA & Technologies, discusses Miya offering and projects around the world.


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Asian Development Bank Says Plugging Water Leaks To Aid Millions


July 2012


"While Asia and the Pacific is increasingly facing a major water crisis, we see unacceptable levels of water being lost through leaks and inefficiencies," said Bindu Lohani, ADB's vice president for knowledge management and sustainable development. "By cutting the amount of lost water in half, 150 million people could be supplied with treated water."


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Water and Sewerage Corporation (Bahamas) Awards Miya Contract Estimated at $83M to Maximize Efficiency of Water System


February 2012

Miya has been awarded a contract by the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) to maximize the efficiency of its water systems. The contract value is estimated at $83 million, comprising $59 million in fixed fees and the balance in performance fees over a ten year period. Within five years, savings of more than three million gallons of fresh water daily


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Replacing pipes is not the answer to the water efficiency issue


February 2012

While some utilities are spending big to replace old pipelines, the process is costly and highly disruptive to city infrastructure. Global water solutions provider Miya offers a cost-effective answer, using new software and pressure management techniques that will minimize the amount of pipes that have to be replaced.
The company recently won an US$83mn contract with the Bahamas' Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) to maximize the efficiency of its water systems. The initiative aims to halve the leakage of potable water, currently estimated at 50%.

BNamericas spoke with Miya chairman Meir Wietchner to find out more about the Bahamas project, the company's operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the potential for water efficiency projects in the region.


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Water Loss 2012 Conference & Exhibition


February 2012

600 people from 54 countries have gathered in Manila, Philippines, to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in Non-Revenue Water Management.
Miya played an active role in both the exhibition and the conference where Miya's experts delivered several very good papers. Miya has also hosted the conference cocktail.