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The most sustainable and cost-effective solution for attaining water efficiency, is optimizing urban water distribution systems. Miya's holistic approach delivers effective water management for long-term maximized water efficiency.
Our Solution

As global water specialists with the vision of ensuring water abundance, Miya's mission is to optimize water supply in urban distribution systems worldwide. We partner with utilities to design and implement comprehensive technology-based solutions, offering our lasting operational excellence and proven execution record. We ensure that the client's financial and operational efficiency is significantly improved, while customer service levels are enhanced, energy consumption is reduced, and contamination and health risks are minimized.


In the next two decades, two-thirds of word's population will live in urban areas. This further compounds the need for effective water efficiency solutions, such as Miya's, to remedy outdated water distribution systems and ensure sustained water network efficiency. Miya enables water utilities to provide consistent service and reliable water distribution, while controlling a downward trajectory of NRW (non-revenue water) across their entire industry.



Comprehensive solution

Miya's bespoke financial models ensure the most cost-effective solution, specifically suited to the needs of our partners. Our projects are often also performance-based, to ensure results are values-based. This creates a perfect alignment between the key interests of all stakeholders involved, while benefiting people, the community, and the environment, alongside higher profits for utilities. Miya's solutions comprise:

  • Inclusive audit of the city's water system, and study of coverage area (current and projected)
  • Full project planning, including efficiency strategy and financial modeling
  • Integration of best-practices, including cutting-edge technology and innovation (Miya holds exclusive rights to the world's leading water network management system)
  • On-site implementation, and complete project execution
  • Network maintenance to strengthen in-house capacity
  • Knowledge transfer, and training of local teams for sustained results

Proven operational excellence

Miya holds vast experience in implementing successful water efficiency projects around the globe. With a portfolio of more than 150 projects, we have transformed some of the world's most complex mega-scale utilities. These turnaround ventures optimized water supply systems in major cities worldwide, and lead to savings of more than 800M liters (211M gallons) of fresh water every day, world-over.


"As a result of our partnership with Miya, and as we continued to execute the strategy, we have been able to save 500 million liters per day. In addition, we were able to supply service to an additional 1.3 million people. More importantly, we've been able to reduce our water production and improve our service level. And for our shareholders, we tripled our total net income since 2008," Victorico P. Vargas, President, Maynilad Water Services, Inc.